Wellcraft Coastal 2600 Mercruiser Jackshaft Kit


Thanks for your inquiry and the opportunity at earning your business. Your pictures did not come through so I cannot see exactly what you have. Using the link below you open the link for the complete jackshaft kit and can add it to your shopping cart and the shipping estimator located at the bottom of the shopping cart page will give you a shipping cost based on your specific postal code. This is the complete kit with bell housing, driveshaft, etc. Let me know if you need any further technical information or help placing your order. In either case I will be glad to assist!

Jackshaft Kit Complete

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Randy writes:
I am seriously considering a repower for my Wellcraft Coastal 2600. It currently has twin inboard 4.3l Mercruiser with Alpha outdrives. The stern mounted engine require an above deck cowling which is very undesirable for fishing, see attached pics. This boat had an option for motor under the seating with shaft drive. Shaft drives increase draft and is undesirable, whereas, out drive do not. The question to you, is there a motor to drive shaft (10’) to outdrive combination for this boat? I have seen some applications but they refer to the drive shaft as a “jackshaft”. I’m looking for twin 250hp motor combinations. Can you provide links to product you sell to meet my application needs? I found this: http://www.perfprotech.com/store/assembly/DRIVE-SHAFT-EXTENSION-COMPONENTS-(JACKSHAFT-MODELS),1014-450.aspx#assembly But it does not list the stern drive compatability or the whole assembly price. Thanks, Randy

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