Mercruiser 4.3L V6 Single Piece Exhaust Water Ingestion


Thanks for your inquiry and the opportunity at earning your business. A couple of things for consideration regarding the exhaust. First – The 4.3L engine does not have the same restriction issues as the small and big V8’s therefore the performance benefits are not as great as would be expected when installing a performance exhaust system onto those engines. This is the case especially when the exhaust restriction is due to the exhaust system out of the boat ratehr than out of the enigne. Second – The 4.3L engine is an opposite bank fired engine on every power stroke with no same side cylinder firing from the same bank. This is different from all the V8’s and allows for a pressure wave to be generated that never gets eliminated by same bank firing. Without going into too many details I would just say that the 4.3L engine is very suceptible to water ingestion issues when tuned exhaust is installed. Thus the reason Mercruiser discontinued the tuned single piece design for this particular engine. I’m familiar with this having been the engineering manager for the exhaust and cooling department at Mercruiser from 1991 through 2002. Third – No one regulates any of the manufacturers claims so you have to take them with a grain of salt. Truth be known the difference in performance between the Mercruiser 2 piece exhaust and their fully tuned single piece exhaust that yielded approximately 10 additional Hp, in almost all cases did not attribute to any measurable performance gains in a boat. Therefore with all of this at hand I feel comfortable in saying that all fo the products will yield about the same results. Realizing the water ingestion issues with the V6 engine specifically, we targeted the weight benefit in conjunction with the corrosion resistance of the coated product line versus specifially trying to go after performance gains. You can add your selected product(s) to your shopping cart and the shipping estimator located at the bottom of the shopping cart page will give you a shipping cost based on your specific postal code. Let me know if you need any further technical information or help placing your order. In either case I will be glad to assist!

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robert writes:
I am considering aluminum manifolds for my4.3 mercruiser. Imco and Glm claim performance benefits in the 5-7% range due to internal design{individual runners}what performanc gains should i expect with your product? Because i slip my boat in brackish water, i am interested in your ceramic infused manifolds. Besides the weight saving, i am also looking for a bit more performance.
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